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Boats and Yacht Sales Spike Post Locked-down

December 5, 2022

Leads spiked across all platforms and those who were marketing on Social Media in addition to Boat Trader, YachtWorld, and received over a whopping 760% in leads from previous months

It’s no secret that many Boat dealerships and Yacht brokerages saw an uptick in leads and sales post “lock down”.

Boats Group reported: Leads and traffic on Boat Trader, YachtWorld, and grew to historic highs, signaling a boat buying boom.

With travel and entertainment plans being put on hold, interest in boating is peaking.

“Nationwide lead growth indicates that dealers and brokers should focus on converting buyers and nurturing prospects as popularity in boating grows.” Boats Group

As Social Media Marketing experts, we were also able to capitalize on this uptick in new and nurtured interest. Our leads jumped to a massive 760% increase. Generating almost an entire years worth of revenue in just two months. 

Remember, this increase in leads and sales is during the largest economic crises in over a decade and oh and a pandemic. Studies have shown, staying at home with your family for long periods of time, can make you do whatever it takes to leave the confine space you once called home. Purchasing a boat helps with that very problem! (Not real study, but we all know this is true. Haha!) 

To be competitive in this age of digital social platforms, as a Yacht Brokerage or Boat Sales business, you must build trust and advertise where your customers spend the most time, Social Media.

If you don’t know where to start, click “Let’s Talk” below we will help develop the best marketing strategy, customized for you to implement it in to your sales funnel.  

Booking For Boats and Yacht Sales Spike Post Locked-down


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